Who we are:
Unstoppable Heroes, Inc., a California 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization (100% of your donations go towards helping our wounded veterans)

Our Motto:
Empowering Wounded in Combat Veterans to Surpass Their Goals and Become Unstoppable!

What We Do:

Our Mission is to Assist, Empower and Motivate Wounded service members as they adjust to civilian life. Along with our Wounded Veteran Ambassadors throughout the country, we share the stories of these amazing Unstoppable Heroes to demonstrate that through unbelievable hardships, the spirit of these Heroes cannot be broken. Unstoppable Heroes, Inc., networks throughout the community and raises awareness by connecting these Heroes to public speaking venues so they can share their incredible stories with others. We also look for other opportunities for these heroes, in both professional and personal aspects of their lives. We build awareness and garner support for organizations that provide opportunities for these Unstoppable Heroes who have sacrificed so much for our great nation.

What Can You Do?:

If you know of a corporation who would like to hire a wounded veteran or have a wounded veteran speak to their group or employees, we can connect you with a wounded veteran in your area.

E-mail us at unstoppableheroes@yahoo.com. Or you can call us at (760) 613-8309. If you’d like to send a message to one of the heroes or even all of them, e-mail us and we’ll make sure your message goes directly to the heroes!

We have over 200 Wounded in Combat veterans who would enjoy sharing their story with you at your next event. If you would like a wounded hero motivational speaker, we would love to pair you up with one of these amazing veterans to share their story with your group. Just send us an email to unstoppableheroes@yahoo.com

Edward Lychik being challenged to pushups by Maplewood Elementary School students
Earl Granville speaking at an awards ceremony
Bedford High Speech
Edward Lychik speaking at Maplewood Elementary School